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Van Halen is Coming to Town

In case you have not already heard the great news, Van Halen will be doing a concert at the Reno Events Center on April 17th.

Reno was chosen as one of only a handful of West Coast locations for this reunion tour to play in.

Tickets will go on sale 3.30.08 at 10 am and can be purchased via Ticketmaster

View the Reunion Press Conference below.

2 Responses to “Van Halen is Coming to Town”

  1. MikeTheBike says:

    hmmm… David Lee Roth even. Might be worth a look!


  2. Steven Behrens says:

    Way to go Van Halo. You did biz’ and layed low and now a whiz is returnin’. So, you still feel acumen I’m learnin’. A flower with the sun is blooming: guitar the sun and you the flower star. We like an ax and a mightier power ne’r grow old nor a collarbone- monkey ne’r will relax. Skills stellar honed out o’ darkness yield shinin’ gold.

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