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All Aboard! Bay Area Trains are Headed To Reno!

Key Holidays

If you’re looking to spice up your next trip to Reno, opt for a unique mode of transportation to get you through the Sierra Nevada Mountains!

The Reno Fun Train and Sierra Scenic Train are both easy, affordable, and special ways to get you from the San Francisco and Sacramento areas. Key Holidays understand the importance of convenient transportation, but they have taken it to the next level with these entertaining train options. The midweek Sierra Scenic Train offers historical narration, meals, a café/bar, and a Piano Lounge Car where you can relax and take in the gorgeous views of the Sierras alongside some great entertainment while cruising through the Donner Pass. The weekend Reno Fun Train is the party train complete with a performance in the Dance Car by Elvis, a Smoking Car with a Cigar Lounge, first class table dining, and more that has been serving up a good time for 52 years (for passengers 21 and older)! For some seasonal fun, the midweek Sierra Scenic Train offers wintery specials February through March that gives passengers some amazing views of the snow-covered Sierras. These trains often have themed rides, such as Soul Train, Mardi Gras, and Motown to add to the fun! Trains depart from Bay Area and Sacramento Amtrak stations and arrive in Reno (other Amtrak stops available at an extra cost). Many Reno hotels provide shuttle services to and from the station to add to the convenience of this experience. Whether you’re heading to Reno for a business trip, a family vacation, or a getaway with friends, the Reno Fun Train and Sierra Scenic Train will all get you where you need to go in style.

For more information, a complete list of amenities, themes, scheduling, and reservations visit Key Holidays’ webpage here.

Soul Train Flyer 2-6-15

Guest Blog: The Best Way to Travel from Sacramento to Reno

Fun Train DanaIt truly does not get any better than this! Picture a train travelling through the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains with a wild group of people that love to party (21 and up), and where you can bring all the booze you could possibly consume with you! AWESOME!

Does this sound like your kind of party? Well, welcome aboard the Reno Fun Train! We flew to Sacramento the night before and stayed at the Vagabond Inn that is closest to the Amtrak station. It is one street away from Old Sacramento, so we were able to do the touristy stuff, take a carriage ride, etc. and had a lot of fun.

We arrived at the train station with lots of time to spare with the free shuttle from the Vagabond Inn. Good thing, too, since we forgot our camera and had to return to the hotel! (Parking is SUPER LIMITED at the train station, but there is a parking garage a block away).

Fun Train PlatformThe party had already started on the platform, plenty of people were already imbibing freely before boarding the Fun Train, and the police were not hassling anyone as most were discreet about it.

Our Mardi Gras themed Fun Train was late to depart, as apparently freight trains are given preference ahead of passenger trains, but since we had plenty of drinks to sustain us, nobody seemed to mind the cold! A great cheer arose as our train made its way down the tracks and we all boarded (with quite a bit of confusion, since the car numbers were not super obvious and alcohol had been flowing freely).

Fun Train BallsYay! We were on our way to Reno. They have live music to dance to in the Dance Car, you can sing along in the Piano Lounge (that also has a bar with super reasonably priced drinks), they even have *gasp*, a Smoking Car. (Don’t worry non-smokers; it’s at the end of the train). There is pretty much anything you could possibly want!

They also have strolling musicians, a Dome Car where you can admire the passing scenery AND they feed you a decent chicken pot pie. You can bring any snacks and beverages you want, they provide cups, ice, water and cans of Lipton’s tea.

Fun Train ViewWe met with a group of people we met on Facebook and had a GREAT time; I highly recommend this trip to anyone. You can get “Train only” packages or one with the 2 night’s hotel accommodations- they have many to choose from- we chose the Eldorado because it had the highest rating on Trip Advisor, and loved it. They have all kinds of fun themes for these trains: Wine tasting, St. Patrick’s Day, Hawaiian, Country Western, Mystery, etc. One caveat: if the train doesn’t have enough people, it can be cancelled, so get a bunch of friends together and PARTY!!!

- As experienced and written by Danna S