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The changing face of downtown Reno

Downtown Reno is in the midst of an urban renaissance that includes public works projects like the Truckee River Whitewater Park, renovation of the Reno Post Office into a retail plaza, and construction of a train trench cover that will create a pedestrian center.

Downtown Makeover, a local blog about all things downtown, chronicles many of the projects with artists renderings and interviews with the principals involved in the developments. Check it out, and get a peak into the changing face of downtown Reno.

-Jim Scripps

Get ready for Kayak season!

Though there are some hart core paddlers who get out in the at night in the dead of winter storms, the good stuff is coming this spring. The above average snow pack and full reservoirs up-stream are going to make for an awesome Kayaking season. Maybe this will be the year I finally get into it.

This video from X-Terra Planet should get your blood moving as the days get longer and and the snow starts melting…


skiBASEing in Reno @ Bobofest 2007

Bobofest 2007Downtown Reno was a killer place to celebrate Warren Miller’s movie, Playground, the beginning of winter and the Make a Wish Foundation, Northern Nevada Chapter with warm temps and sunny skies… WAIT!?!?!? Reno ain’t no sissy Caribbean cruise town! We want freezing temps and gobs of fresh powder! Well, precip is on the forecast, and SKIERS ARE FALLING OUT OF THE SKY!!!

The first EVER urban skiBASE jump: Shane McConkey, Miles Daisher, JT Holmes, and Jesse Hall hit the jump @ the top of the Silver Legacy casino in Reno and plummeted then glided down to land in the Eldorado parking lot to a crowd of 1000 whooping spectators.The video above was professionally shot and edited by world renowned adventure videographer Dan Dominy, with music from Reno’s coolest local band, Sol Jibe.Stay tuned! More pics and vids to come…MTB