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Pregnant skiing

After enjoying a month of summer time down south in Argentina– tele girl is back! It’s so exciting to see (and experience) the powder and new snow in Reno Tahoe! Yeah!!!

Since we got back, we’ve been out a couple of times and it’s been awesome! First we went to Thomas Creek with our 18 month old girl and had a blast.

Family Skiing

But last Sat got even better. My friend asked if we wanted to go out on a date she would watch Cielo, so I said “how about Sat morning so we can go skiing?!” and she agreed. So we went up to the Tahoe Meadows and hiked up and teled down while snowing the entire time. It was like heaven! Even though I am pretty pregnant (due in 4 weeks) I love to get out and earn some curves!
Pregnant skiing

4 Responses to “Pregnant skiing”

  1. Nico says:

    Ha! Nice! :) I seem to have found you online, you guys are looking good!


  2. Mike says:

    HA!! Sounds like a good time! Glad you’re still getting out. Wish you had gotten some pics of you hucking that kicker below Proletariat Bowl. How young it too young for the first faceplant?


  3. Duchh Muller says:

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  4. Leta Cechini says:

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