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Legends at Sparks Marina prepares for June 18 opening

Calling this a “shopping center” doesn’t do it justice. It’s a shopping experience.

The Legends at Sparks Marina, a destination retail center under construction in Sparks, Nev., is almost ready for its June 18 first-phase opening. And developers of the mega-mall are going big. Really big.

From a huge tower that anchors the center of the center, to common areas with statues depicting Nevada historical figures, features and wildlife, the concept behind Legends is to create a mecca for shopping and socializing. The first phase is expected to bring 28 tenants online, with a total of 47 tenants open for business by Aug. 1. Several tenants are already wowing visitors, including Scheels, the World’s Largest All Sports Store (at nearly 300,000 square feet) and Jazz, A Louisiana Kitchen. By next spring there will also be a 13-theater movie complex, complete with an iMax screen – and tentative plans call for a destination casino hotel resort to anchor the north end of the project, as well as a concert venue that can seat up to 9,000 for big-name acts.

Bringing the “legends” to Legends

“The idea is to celebrate the history, people and places of Nevada,” said Dennis McGovern, Legends general manager. “When the first phase is finished you’ll see three ‘living room’ areas surrounded by artist depictions of the bristlecone pine (Nevada’s state tree), bighorn sheep, desert tortoise, a statue of Samuel Clemens …”

Common areas are replete with waterfalls, firepits, and lush landscaping. McGovern says developers are planting 1,600 trees and 26,000 shrubs at the site. The landscape is also varied – elevation changes enhance the feeling place and reflect the diverse topography of Northern Nevada.

Designed to appeal to all of the senses, a 151-speaker sound system will be installed at Legends, along with spaces for public events, including a five-story Christmas tree during the holiday season.

But it’s (mostly) about the shopping

On Wednesday 500 workers were on site – installing fixtures, punching out final touches on storefronts, hanging signs, pouring concrete and powering the huge electrical infrastructure.
“This place is changing every day,” McGovern said. “You can barely walk through here right now, but by June 18 this won’t even look like a construction site.”

The tenant mix will be 60 percent outlets – good news for deal seekers. Stores that have signed on the dotted line include:





Celebrate Reno-Tahoe’s newest destination

Although the ribbon will be cut June 18, Legends is going to stretch the party all summer long. A grand opening celebration runs July 31-Aug. 9.  Events include a summer concert series, fashion show, celebrity appearances, fireworks and more. The opening events coincide with the Legends Reno-Tahoe Open PGA Tour event and Hot August Nights.

18 Responses to “Legends at Sparks Marina prepares for June 18 opening”

  1. Jo Humphrey says:

    Just where in Sparks is the Marina located? There is no address.

  2. Jo Humphrey says:

    Where in Sparks is the Marina locatedd? There is no address.

  3. Bill Tingle says:

    I am trying to find out any information on the company who is handling the security services at the Legends complex at the Marina. Contact person, phone number, web site, etc


  4. jscripps says:

    The Legends shopping center is located at 1311 E Lincoln Way, Sparks, NV, and the number for the center — re contact purposes about security — is 775-358-3800.

  5. Bloppo says:

    1455 E. Lincoln Way Sparks


  6. Ray Salazar says:

    Well i was hoping for the IMAX theater to open this year but i guess thats not gonna happen so ill end up going to imax in california till we get our IMAX next year, but cant wait till IMAX opens n for that guy that spoke in behalf of century theaters about we dont need more movie screens i got to say just shut up dude cuz if u have not experience IMAX screen u have not seen anything yet. IMAX please….

  7. Donna Larson says:

    When is the casino Legends suppose to open at the Sparks Marina?

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  11. Brian Burroughs says:

    Was hoping for just an Imax cinema, don’t know what difference it’ll make to the Century Theatres complex in Sparks…

  12. Reloveution says:

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