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ERIN 411! — Artown

Hey everyone! It’s official: ERIN 411! will now be a regular vBlog here at! As you can imagine, I am a very happy girl and thought I would celebrate by checking out yet another awesome Reno/Tahoe event: Artown. This nationally recognized summer arts festival goes on throughout the month of July and features nearly 300 events! To get an idea of how cool it is, you should most definitely right away this instant click on the video below to watch ERIN 411! Destination:Artown.  

In this episode you’ll go with me to the Friends of McKinley Art Sale, watch me get my Irish on at A Celtic Summer’s Eve, see an interview with one of history’s most powerful women (played by a 12 year-old) at the Young Chautauqua performance, and we’ll finish off the night with some caffeine at Java Jungle.  

Artown will really knock your socks off, and some of the best events are still to come! So watch ERIN 411! Destination: Artown, go down and soak up the art (it will make you feel cultured and feed your soul, I promise!), and as always, feel free to leave me a comment (still available for bar mitzvahs)! 

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3 Responses to “ERIN 411! — Artown”

  1. burkards says:

    we are planning to visit reno & after seeing this we will definitely make artown one of our stops, thanks for the great info -

  2. Leila Forsythe says:

    Erin…Love the show. Proud of you! I lived near Reno for so long, always thought it was a “no-fun” town….who knew there were such great things to do! You do a great job showing the high points of Reno. Keep up the good work:) Leila

  3. b says:

    looks cool, how can you be apart of it?

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